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OhMyTat Temporary Tattoo

3 D Skull Temporary Tattoo Sticker

3 D Skull Temporary Tattoo Sticker

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  • Realistic. Lasts 2-5 Days
  • Worldwide Shipping
  • Safe & FDA-Approved

Size & Quantity

Size: 1.8" W x 2.0" H
Quantity: 2 Pieces

*All the tattoo(s) shown in the photo is/are treated as one piece.*

Shipping Details

We offer international shipping from our headquarters in Hong Kong.

Processing Time: 4-6 Working Days
Transit Time: 5-12 Working Days

You will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking once your order ships.

How To Apply

  • Clean and dry the skin completely (Do not apply sun oil or lotion on tattoo area)
  • Cut around the tattoo, leave as little white area as possible
  • Remove the transparent film and place the temporary tattoo face down on skin
  • Rub and wet the temporary tattoo completely with damp cloth or sponge
  • Wait 30 seconds and peel the corner of the temporary tattoo slowly

3D Skull Tattoo Meaning

The Meaning of 3D Skull Tattoo

For some, a 3D skull tattoo represents confronting life's deepest questions. It symbolizes our shared mortality as human beings.

Others see the skull as a reminder to make the most of each day, since time is finite. Their tattoo reflects embracing life to the fullest.

Some are drawn to the 3D effect, which makes the skull appear almost real. It demonstrates an appreciation for fine tattoo artistry.

In Latin American culture, colorful skull tattoos portray celebrating life alongside death. It honors celebrating what truly matters - relationships, experiences.

Overall, sporting a realistic 3D skull permanently connects one to profound reflections on life's brevity. It serves as a reminder to cherish each moment and those who share this short journey.

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