OhMyTat's wedding-themed‭ ‬temporary tattoo stickers‭ ‬series take care of‭ ‬every detail of your big day‭. ‬No matter‭ ‬Wedding Party‭ Favours / ‬Bridal‭ ‬Shower‭ / ‬Bachelorette Party‭ / ‬Stagette Party / Hen Night / Wedding Photography / Couple Matching Tattoo / Welcome Gift / Goodie Bag‭ for Hotel Guests / ‬Wedding Venue Layout‭ ‬Decoration‭, ‬etc‭., ‬there are always styles and different ideas that meet your needs‭. ‬You can also ‬customize‭ ‬your own metallic gold foil temporary‭ ‬tattoo stickers‭ ‬as ‬souvenirs to include in your wedding gift bags‭!‬

Bridal Shower Tattoo Package

Choose from 2 of our 9 wedding-themed temporary tattoo stickers to suit your wedding party and have a memorable pre-marital party photo shoot with your bridesmaids and groomsmen team.

Tattoo‭ ‬Booth Package

Set up a Tattoo Booth corner at your wedding venue, where guests can choose their favorite temporary tattoo stickers to take pictures. Each set of Tattoo Booth Package includes 300 wedding-themed temporary tattoo stickers in 30 different styles, stylish wooden boxes and an instructions board with wooden easel for wedding table decoration.

Custom Metallic Temporary Tattoo Stickers

Customize your own metallic foil temporary tattoo stickers for wedding gifts or souvenirs. Upload your own pre-designed graphic and turn it into beautiful wedding temporary tattoos.